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"Giving is the best communication"

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Common action with the Caritas foundation


The Patients' World Day is celebrated since 11th February 1993, as a desire of pope II. John Paul. Our foundation celebrated The Patients' World Day together with the Caritas office from Odorheiu Secuiesc. During this action, gifts were distributed to hospitalized children, then in the hospital' chapel an ecumenical worship has been held with the participation of the outpatients. The Caritas staff together with the volunteer ones distributing leaflets calling for the attention of passers-by in the importance of voluntary blood donation at the medical institution's entrance, meanwhile Caritas nursing applicants were available, the Foundation staff had measured blood pressure for the ones who were interested, and hot tea was offered to the passers, thanks for the Junior restaurant.

„Health – our tresure”


This theme was launched by the Dr. Verestóy Attila Foundation as a series of health of programs. The very first programme was a health-day on 14th April 2010, entitled „A Healthy Soul In A Healthy Body" 2010.

The 33 children, accompanied by their kindergarten teachers from the kindergartens of Locodeni, Martinis, Badeni, Aldea, Oraseni, Sanpaul, Comanesti were gathered in the Kindergarten of Petreni. The participants heard presentations on healthy eating, after the kids aerobic they had vegetables- and fruit salad, and they made healthy snacks using cheese, ham and bread of cereals. There were also craft activities, the children dram and colored fruits, vegetables, they glued, sewn, prepared food pyramid, and then ate heartily of the prepared salads and snacks.


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